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Our psychic readers have years of experience and are proficient in several fields such as:Tarot, Oracle, Runes, mediumship and more.

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Shaun conducts psychic readings & paranormal investigations worldwide (since 2012) and has been featured on Travel Channel's Haunted Case Files & Portals To Hell. He is an Empath and uses a combination of Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship to receive messages.

He focuses on helping clients see a future from a positive healing perspective to achieve greater peace and understanding. He asks angels and spirit guides to open a path of vision and clarity to those who are seeking peace of mind, clarity and hope for them in a time of need. He loves connecting with people and helping them on their journey.



Robin is a third generation Clairvoyant and clairaudient medium.

Receive positive spiritual guidance through her intuitive readings
using angel healing cards and numerology.

Let her help you discover enlightenment, personal growth and your life purpose.

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Lisa has been Claircognizant (clear knowing) for as long as she can remember, even though she didn’t know there was a name for what she experiences until around 10 years ago

Occasionally she would have visions and premonitions too and In June 2018 she had a premonition that she would be in a car accident which then happened a few weeks later in July 2018. The accident caused a head trauma and within weeks Lisa was starting to have visions with more details and clarity. When she tunes in to your energy, she usually gets colors and meanings for them in her mind’s eye.

Lisa has been an Angel Card Reader for several years and uses these and her gifts to read for your situation. Lisa is also a Reiki master and loves to combine an Angel card reading with a reiki session to help her clients. She also uses crystals and singing bowls in her sessions.Lisa is originally from the UK but has lived in America since May 2007, 10 years in Florida and now in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

She is the owner of Celestial Salt. Her wish for this business is to provide a place for people to receive holistic and metaphysical services and products to help improve their overall wellness and to provide a sense of community.
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Intuitive Channel, channeling the Elven way for the new earth and her frequency.

I hold space for Ceremony, Soul Initiations, Immersions, and Soul Attunements. Within my sessions I help bridge the seen and unseen worlds, making connections with you and your star family, crossed over loved ones and guides.

The titles I embrace at this time are:


Certified Crystal Healer/Earth Guardian, Certified Sound Facilitator, CreatixLemurian Priestess and Elven Shaman.
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Alyssa’s greatest joy and purpose is to guide others into deeper connection with Great Spirit. She does this by living authentically and celebrating authenticity, while always looking for opportunities to create beauty. She sees the beauty and worthiness in all people, and helps them find it in themselves.

She’s spent most of her life creating intimacy with nature and has a special relationship with Mother Earth. Her most profound gift is her sense of olfactory and is also clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairvoyant. Ruled by Pluto, she came to this incarnation to transform and welcomes the process of metamorphosis again and again. Alchemy is her friend.
She naturally guides others toward self-compassion and self-love while encouraging them to shed illusion and find clarity in their journey. When we accept all we are, we find true liberation in our Beloved Identity as Co-Creators with Spirit.

As an empath, Alyssa deeply connects to the heart and encourages those in her field to connect with their center, because it’s there we find ever lasting belonging. An oracle read with Alyssa is special in that she brings her entire toolbox of gifts, her open heart, and her strong connection to The Great One to help her clients feel truly witnessed and supported.
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I am a hypnotist and astrologer and will be offering Astrology Chart Readings. Astrology has been a supremely helpful tool in my practice as it has enabled me to better understand my clients needs and underlying motivations for undesirable habits. Astrology is about understanding ourselves, our relationships and our environment.

Through astrological analysis, I help my clients gain this clarity so they can better understand their personal needs, strengths, difficulties, motivations, and priorities. And through this understanding, they come closer to manifesting their goals and creating better outcomes in their lives. I also use hypnosis to help people better tap into their personal spiritual energy. This is just the beginning of spiritual capability hypnosis can unlock.
psychic reader Laura


Laura is new to reading in person. She has spent some time reading for people online.

She is an intuitive reader. Her style is a bit different; you can say that sometimes she goes by the book. Sometimes intuitive messages come to her that way so she goes with it.

People say her energy is crystal like. She also uses pendulum, charms and runes in her readings sometimes.

Laura has been in tune with her gifts from a young age. They developed even more recently when she went through recurrent pregnancy losses and the loss of her father.

Since she lost her babies, she developed a connection to the Spirit Baby realm and will do special readings when asked.

She is a Reiki Master and Certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner; she incorporates both into her readings.

She loves animals and nature and is studying to be an Animal Reiki Practitioner and is practicing her Animal Communication skills. Reiki has opened up so many things for her.

She is excited to be reading here, so maybe give her a chance.

foxglove and dr. sunshine

Foxglove Having grown up in Appalachia, Foxglove always felt close to nature and earth-based spirituality.

As an adult, she found authenticity and happiness in practicing witchcraft and reading tarot. She offers intuitive tarot reading for clarity and guidance

Dr. Sunshine Instead of allowing childhood grief and adversity to define him , he built a better life through education and self-reflection.

Overtime he improved himself, becoming a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach; and a financial coach, and eventually earned a PhD in psychology.

Individually, Foxglove offers readings, Dr. Sunshine offers Dream interpretation and together they offer Intuitive Readings with a Psychology twist.


I am an Intuitive Healer and Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in various modalities.

I am constantly learning and shifting my offerings to help meet client needs. I use various divination tools, methods, and modalities to bring healing to my clients, family, friends, and everything around me.As an experienced Card Reader, Reiki Master, Curandera, Astrologer, Medium, and Angel Channeler, my gifts help bring messages to clients, while also providing insight and peace of mind during consultations.I love offering unique Mixed Media Readings in person, which include reading of my bones, charms, and various cards to bring you guidance and clarity. I look forward to connecting with you.
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Reiki tuned me into my intuition and my sixth senses or "Clairs". I am a Psychic Medium and I am fascinated by all things Spirit!
God, Source, Spirit (whatever you call it) works in amazing ways, and they never cease to amaze me. I invite you to be skeptical but receptive, to willingly suspend disbelief and journey with me into the incredible world of energy healing, mediumship, and intuitive artistry. It's real and it's amazing!

Through Soul Journey Readings, we seek to glimpse into past lives and/or meet your Spirit Guides, Angels, or Spirit Animals. With Oracle Cards, we can illuminate details of your present and potential future life experiences. In a Medium Reading, we invite a loved one in Spirit to join us and present evidence of survival of physical death, reigniting your eternal bonds of love. Together we will endeavor to immerse ourselves in the power and presence of Spirit.
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Ever since she was a child Briöna knew there was great magick beyond just her physical surroundings. She spent a majority of her life becoming aware of this magick by observing and learning from nature and the animals in her own backyard.
Briöna’s gifts matured quickly over her life after going through many uncertain and traumatic experiences in her childhood. Spirit knew she needed to overcome these challenges at such a young age to develop a natural gift for holding space and now helping others tend to their own past emotional wounding and rebuild empowerment through her readings and mentorship.

Little did she know at such a young age the wisdom she was quickly becoming aware of would activate the soul remembrance of her intuitive senses, clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing). These abilities have now helped Briöna guide herself and now her clients back home to their soul’s truth.

Briöna would like to welcome you into her sanctuary of protection, peace, and healing through her readings where you can receive support, clear alignment, and trust in your life's path with the modalities that have become her favorite sacred tools like Runes, Tarot, Shamanic animal medicine, and the Akashic Records.
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Lauren grew up fascinated by the idea of psychic phenomena and abilities. It was not until she met her first mentor, that she came to understand that she already possessed these gifts. Once this door was opened, she immersed herself in research and practice of tarot. To this day, Lauren jokingly refers to card reading as her ‘first love’ and ‘gateway drug’ when it comes to metaphysics.

Her desire for more knowledge and guidance led her to her second teacher. Lauren completed classes in connecting with spirit and delivering intuitive messages. She continued her study by entering into a 6 month mentorship that helped her hone her psychic and mediumship skills. After finishing that program, Lauren felt called to do an additional half year of education, this time with a focus on intuitive counseling. In 2022 she became a Divine Light Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner. Her next step is a year long course in astrology.
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I am a hypnotist and intuitive reader in Colorado Springs and also offer Intuitive Readings. This has caused a huge shift in my practice and in my life.

With permission, I create a rose to filter my clients energy.
When I start the reading, my client's energy fills the rose with personality.

By looking at the pedals, leaves, stem, soil, background and surroundings I get a sense of your personal energy. It is hard to say exactly what it will describe as it varies so much from client to client.

Some roses express needs that aren't being met or perhaps being over indulged.

Others may communicate about past lives or life lessons and others will focus on relationships or dynamics within them.

Some roses will communicate their intentions very literally and others in just images or single words.

My clients often find the messages that come through are the bits they have been searching for to help them move forward.
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Rachael Ortega is a Medium and Psychic using her gifts to connect you with your guides, angels and loved ones who have passed to bring you messages for hope, healing and guidance.

Rachael knew she had gifts as a young child but did not fully embrace her gifts until 2019, after her husband passed and she realized that she could still communicate with him.

Since then, Rachael has used her gifts to help many people find healing from grief and trauma and also guidance from their guides and angels.

She has trained with renowned psychic mediums, John Holland and Joe Shiel.


Levonta also known as L.N. has known that she has the gift of healing as well as the gift to see beyond the veil since she was a teenage girl but was unable to embrace her calling due to fear.

After working as a nurse for many years and helping people transition to the other side, L.N. decided to answer her calling to heal in a more spiritual and energetic fashion. Family, friends, and a select few in the community have had the privilege of experiencing L.N’s gifts but now she is finally ready to offer her gifts to the rest of the world.

L.N. provides healing and guidance through intuitive, psychic, and mediumship readings that may include tarot and oracle cards. She also provides healing as a reiki master using singing bowls, crystals, essential oils, and affirmations.

Other titles held by her are:
Nurse, Doula (birth, postpartum, and death) and reiki master.



Jill is a Shadow Work Coach, professional Tarot reader and psychic who facilitates deep inner healing through the mediums of Tarot, oracle and channeling.

She gives encouraging and illuminating advice to assist you in the integration of the shadow which results in more authentic living and a positive direction on your spiritual path.

Jill goes deeper than merely reading cards: She tunes-in to your energy to give insight that makes a difference.

She gives sound advice to help you achieve your destined and most authentic life.

Currently Full on readers please check back.

If you are interested in offering Psychic/Medium or other reading services at Celestial Salt please contact us to arrange an interview to see if we would be a good fit.

Contact Lisa 719 370 9858 or email


I absolutely love this place. Everyone here is super sweet and helpful. I'm always able to find everything I need. Theres a large selection of merchandise at great prices! The readers are wonderful and there is always a variety of classes/events. I am so thankful I found this place.
Cyn C.
I’m so glad I found Celestial Salt! The owner, her son, and everyone working there are kind, knowledgeable and pleasant to speak with. I perused the smudge sticks, crystals, salt lamps and books and left with some lovely new additions. Can’t wait to come back!
Good energy in the space, generous healing offerings, beautiful homemade instruments, and affordable prices for us on our journeys. Thank you
Adriana Berusch Gerardino
Love, love, love this place! Such a beautiful store with so many crystals, salt lamps, art and more. I tried the 20 minute Halotherapy booth today. It was such a sensory experience and so relaxing. I can't wait to try the Vitality booth. I love that they also have so many holistic and metaphysical classes!!
Elena P.
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